Description of Hive-Mind: As if hexed, bees disappear like the lost crew of a ship. Hive-Mind illuminates the real source of Colony Collapse Disorder: our destructive approach to nature. Reading Suzette Bishop’s collection of poems, we move through humming hives of lyric poems, swarms of prose, and then toward a diminishing collage of fragmentary, disconnected thoughts, the result of fried neurons. This hybrid collection sounds an alarm about what else disappears with the bees: pollination, female power and enterprise, jars of honey, the bee-loud glade, the human colony. Suzette Bishop highlights caretakers of honeybees who are the most acutely aware of bees as humankeepers. We meet three Nineteenth-Century Texas beekeepers and Sylvia Plath—women who kept themselves in comfort, awe, and inspiration while tending to their hives.

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